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Live Earthquake

Live Earthquake Earthquakes today - recent and latest earthquakes, earthquake map and earthquake information.

How many earthquakes are there today?
It is estimated that there are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world each year. 100,000 of those can be felt, and 100 of them cause damage.

What are the 5 causes of earthquake?
Earthquakes are caused by tectonic movements in the Earth's crust. The main cause is that when tectonic plates collide, one rides over the other, causing orogeny (mountain building), earthquakes and volcanoes. The boundaries between moving plates form the largest fault surfaces on Earth.

Is it better to be upstairs or downstairs during an earthquake?
In major earthquakes, it is usually safer upstairs than being on ground level. It can be dangerous trying to run hastily downstairs. First of all, calm down and look around before you do anything.

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